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Chicago Tribune sits down with Ester to talk their new album “Curtains”

Ester, Anna Holmquist’s latest musical endeavor, lands at the Hideout next week to play an album release show for their forthcoming album “Curtains.”  The Tribune sat down with the band to talk about the formation of the group, some of the inspiration behind their new album, and what it was like, specifically for Anna Holmquist, to move from solo to group performances. Take a read here, and hit this link for tickets to next week’s show.


Jason Stein’s & Locksmith Isidore celebrate the release of “After Caroline” at the Hideout

Jason Stein, a preeminent force in the world of Chicago Jazz music, and his band, Locksmith Isidore stop by the Hideout this weekend to play an album release show for their latest, “After Caroline,” which was digitally released on May 18th but the CD/LP doesn’t come out until June 15th.  Stein’s infamous prowess comes from his choice of instrument, the incredible difficult Bass Clarinet. If that’s not enough to lure you in, Howard Reich, a reporter for the Tribune, and one of the most well-versed experts of the city’s jazz scene, listed it as one of the best things to do this weekend, in what’s shaping up to be a “jazzy” weekend across the city. Stop by, show starts at 9:00 PM.


Rolling Stone Talks Jim Lauderdale and his latest single “Time Flies”

Jim Lauderdale’s been putting out music for more than three decades. His latest single Time Flies,” from a forth coming album with the same title, is a rumination on time and music and a personal reflection on both. Rolling Stone took a deeper look at the new single and the career of the “Americana King.” Lauderdale, no stranger to the Hideout, returns for two shows at the end of June–Picnics on the Porch (6/29) and a solo performance on the stage the next night (6/30).

Studs Terkels’ Birthday/Radio Archive Launch Celebration at the Hideout

Studs Terkel was an author, historian, broadcaster, activist and hero to the city of Chicago and its people (and too many of those who may call the Hideout a home). This coming Wednesday (May 16th) would be Studs’ 106th birthday. We’re throwing a celebration of his life, his work and the release of 5,000+ stories from Studs’ time as a radio broadcaster in association with The Studs Terkel Radio Archive. We’ll host friends of Studs who have stories of his work and their time together, play clips from the upcoming audio release and host a variety of musicians who’ll play some of Studs’ favorites. Rick Kogan wrote a piece on Studs, a man he knew well, and what he meant to Chicago and its people, plus previewed our party.


Timeout Chicago names Yonatan Gat’s Hideout Performance one of May’s top-hits

Ever since his latest release, “Cue the Machines,” a few months ago, Yonatan Gat has been a hot topic amongst music writers across the country, and especially across the city in anticipation of his upcoming performance at the Hideout.  His music is its own genre, hitting corners of avant-garde Jazz to rock n’ roll to punk and everything outside and in-between. Aside from his inimitable musical talent, he’s otherwise just an incredibly interesting person, with an equally curious life-story. Timeout Chicago named his May 14th show at the Hideout as one of the best musical acts to hit the city in the month of May. Hit the link to get your hands on some tickets.

Picnics on the Porch Summer 2018

This summer spend your Friday afternoons at the Hideout with our third installment of our favorite summer series Picnics on the Porch. Grab a blanket and come on down to enjoy intimate outdoor performances featuring some of the best pickers and singers in the country performing right on our front porch. Our neighbors, the midwestern-focused Local Foods, will be on site selling picnic boxes with their fresh-from-the-farm ingredients.

Musical guests:

6/22 – Kacy & Clayton
6/29 – Jim Lauderdale
7/6 – Jake Xerxes Fussell + James Elkington
7/20 – The Other Years
7/27 – Jack Klatt
8/3 – Kath Bloom

More TBA

The Messthetics hit The Reader’s “Best in the City” list this weekend

Before creating The Messthetics with the multi-talented guitarist, Anthony Pirog, Brendan Canty and Joe Lally spent most of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s playing on stages all-over the world as part of the infamous Punk-Rock group, Fugazi. In 2003 the group took a consensual hiatus from recording and performing together, with many of the members delving into various solo gigs and collaborations. But as they say “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” Canty and Lally chose to rekindle their collaborative percussion section in 2016 this time under the guise of their new 3-piece band, including Pirog, The Messthetics. Their latest self-titled album was released to wide acclaim and they’ll be playing it at the Hideout all night this Saturday, May 5th. Click here for tickets.


HELLTRAP and The Hideout Part of a Comedic “Renaissance” in Chicago

“The audiences are smart [in Chicago]. In LA … you sort of pander to the audiences more. Here you can joke about whatever and your audience will get it,” said Quincy Jones, an L.A. based comedian when discussing what separates Chicago from other comedy hubs across the country. Though it was once said that if “you really want to make it in the business” of comedy Chicago is more of a finish line, rather than a starting point, there’s an axiomatic understanding that there’s something special about the current world of stand-up in Chicago, both on stage and in the audience. Zach Freeman of The Chicago Tribune took a closer look at some of the venues and shows paving a new road for comedy in Chicago, HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE and the Hideout both making the list. Freeman says it best, “Successful local shows like “A Dope Comedy Show” (along with others like…“Helltrap Nightmare” at The Hideout, and the long-running Lincoln Lodge at Under the Gun) are consistently making the case that Chicago audiences are here, clued in and ready to line up for good comedy.”

Yonatan Gat’s New Single “Cue the Machines” is Turning Heads

Yonatan Gat, a guitarist, producer and over-all music-man, has been turning heads and packing venues for the past few years. Ever since being named ‘New York’s Best Guitarist’ in 2013 by the Village Voice, Gat’s “eccentric, eclectic music blends his technical proficiency with a love for the avant-garde, free form composition, and punk energy” has become a draw for crowds across the country. His most recent release “Cue the Machines” has opened up to outstanding reviews across the musical world. Gat lands at the Hideout May 14th , which is shaping up to be quite the Monday evening show, click here for tickets. 

Venues, Shows and Bands Pushing Women & Non-binary Performers to the Front of Chicago Music

While there is no doubt women, non-binary individuals and anyone else falling on the fluid spectrums of gender and sexuality have been central to the creation of music and culture across the world, they often take a secondary role when it’s time for credit to be passed out. And while music (sometimes) is seen as one of the more progressive platforms in the entertainment industry, it hasn’t been untouched by the patriarchal norms that stretch across culture and society. Shows like, It’s Raining Femme (at the GMan Tavern) and Ladylike (a storytelling series at Cafe Mustache) are working to bring women and other non-binary folks to the front. For too long the idiom “give credit where credit is due” has existed with limitations and asterisks. Women and non-binary individuals across Chicago are pushing back against that “norm” with a barrage of shows and performances made, directed, produced and performed by those outside the white-male demographic. They’re also working to shed a light on performers and creators across the city, country and world. Earlier this month Jessi Roti of The Chicago Tribune set out to find these shows and individuals and we’re honored to be able to provide a platform for one of those shows–take a read here.