Bernie Fest 2015 (Day Event)

Bernie Fest 2015 (Day Event)

Joanna Connor, V4MEE, Protovulcan, The Columbines, Al Scorch, Eiren Caffall, John Vernon Forbes, Johnny Young

Sun, August 23, 2015

Doors: 11:00 am / Show: 12:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


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Bernie Fest 2015 (Day Event)
Bernie Fest 2015 (Day Event)
Chicago is well known for its vibrant music and arts scene -- and we are coming together for a special one-day music and arts festival to raise money for Bernie Sanders' campaign! All proceeds from this special event will be contributed to

This event is sponsored by The People's Revolution, an organization committed to putting power back in the hands of the people. For more information, please visit:

In our backroom:
Joanna Connor 4pm
V4Mee 3pm
Protovulcan 2pm
The Columbines 1pm

On the porch:
Al Scorch 3:30
Johnny Young 2:45
Esoteric Tapioca - 2:15
Eiren Caffel 1:30
John Vernon Forbes 12:30
Prairie Minstrels - 11:30am

Ticket price: $20 (available through advance purchase only)

Velcro Lewis Group 10
Knife of Simpson 9:30
Natalie Grace Alford 8:30
Knif Of Simpson 8:30
Thomas Comeford 7:30
Michelles 6:30

Ticket price: $20 (available through advance purchase only)

Facebook event link--

Can't make it but want to show your support? Please make a ticketless contribution by adding Donation (Can not attend) to your cart! (NOTE: political contributions are not tax-deductible)
Joanna Connor
Joanna Connor
Joanna Connor came off of a Greyhound bus leaving a promising music career in her hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts to pursue her love of Chicago blues. Since that day of October 15, 1985, her Chicago journey has been prolific! Her latest accolade is being voted runner up to Buddy Guy in Chicago Reader's " Reader's Choice Awards 2014" as best blues artist, which was voted by the people of Chicagoland!
In the year 2005-06 Virginia of V4MEE had two important rock-n-roll dreams that set the stage for what is now a band of madmen and muses.

She's proud to present 7 years worth of songs (and then some!) to the Hideout for it's October residency program. Halloween month will feature a live Radio Noir Dramedy with actor/music makers at the center mic playing out multiple roles and acting not guilty.

To be followed every week by V4MEE ~ And an Extravaganza of Chicago's finest guest music makers, crooners, and archetypes.

A pot roast OR curry dish and fine cheeses will be served for those who need a late dinner.

You'll be in bed by midnight with a full belly, a song in your heart, and fodder for the dream of Music's future. It will be other worldly good!

Come out and support this band cuz we need you!
We are aiming to prove that YOU need us too. ~

Love in the Fall Chicago! Bring your friends, imbibe the brews and ambrosia, see faces you've known or wanted to know, and listen to the sounds of V4MEE and their guests that include:

A Radio Noir Affliction:
Ditch Rittmann P.I. M.I.A. (in 4 Parts!)

Starring: The entire cast of V4MEE band members along with Cheer Accident members and a Lovely Little Girl! Don't miss this epic 4 part mystery so loaded with characters that your gonna need a spoon with all this dishy goodness.

Virginnie M. as P.I. Libby Riddell
Greg Jacobsen as P.I. Scribbles Riddell
Jim Super Cooper as Det. Fabby Keegan, Porkchop and Narrator
Thymme Jones as Right Toe and Phrogclock? maybe~
Jeff Libersher as Mully, Bartender and Sharky
Courtney Mora as Baby Gang Leader Baby Coat and Sound effects!
Todd Fackler as Grandpa Gideon Rittmann
Holly Stevens as Tootie Abadabby
Jeff Goulet as Pickles, Elbows and other toughies.
Heath Chappell on Extras, Sound effects!
(And some surprise guests as we go!)

LIve RADIO NOIR will be followed by V4MEE music

V4MEE is :
Virginia Montgomery
Holly Stevens
Courtney Mora
Heath Chappell
Todd Fackler
Jim Cooper
Jeff Goulet.
On drums, Deric Criss (Aleks and the Drummer, Walking Bicycles, Charlie Deets), plays with the candy crunch power of Led Zeppelin, the frenetic wizardry of The Who, and the beats everlasting of Public Enemy.

On keys, Will MacLean (Variety Lights, Ice Cream Mission to Mars, Blue Moth) plays a Wurlitzer with the fried, wah-wah feedback of Jimi Hendrix, a P-Funk wall of Moog bass, and a haunting chorus of vocoder.
The Columbines
The Columbines arrived riding a flaming wicker bunny that fell from the sky into the icy waters of Lake Michigan.
Al Scorch
Al Scorch
Stormy, husky, brawling, City of Big Shoulders.” – from “Chicago” by Carl Sandburg

Al Scorch grew up in Chicago, with its storied history of corrupt power at the top and righteous fighters and big dreamers at the bottom. From the town that gave the world characters like Studs Terkel, Upton Sinclair, and the anarchists in Bughouse Square, Scorch adds his voice to the choir with the enthusiasm and charisma of a Maxwell Street preacher. He eyes the prize of that ever-elusive promised land that’s worth scrapping for, wherever or whatever it may be. With a stentorian bullhorn of a voice, he exhorts, not with a holy book in his hand, but a banjo and guitar. He’s a messenger and a conduit, a believer that a soul-stirring song will march you forward.

Balanced on wedges of punk, old-time string band, American and European folk, and soulful balladry, Al is an entertainer, road warrior, storyteller, and one helluva musician. His second album and Bloodshot debut Circle Round the Signs is built on a sonic framework sharing an intersection with the Bad Livers’ lawless next-gen take on traditional country & bluegrass, and Black Flag’s burn-it-all-down revolt and breakneck tempos. From the train-hopping tale of “Pennsylvania Turnpike” - updating steel rails to concrete ribbons - to the shout-along, late-night lament of “Insomnia” (“I toss and I turn in my bed every night/ I'm sober but my mind’s as high as a kite”), the aural dexterity is thrilling.

Woody Guthrie’s “Slipknot” gets a complex, Western swing cum prog-grass treatment, led by the angular fiddling of Felipe Tobar, that would make acoustic thrash godfathers Split Lip Rayfield grin demonically. And “Want One” blazes down the dirt track with a Stanley Brothers fireball energy driven by Scorch’s clawhammer banjoing, and the it’s-safe-to-laugh-now adventure of meeting an intensely inebriated fan while busking across the country.

But Scorch is far more than lightning for lightning’s sake. Through 10 songs of high wire musicianship, debilitating despair, wild-eyed hope, and sharp-elbowed views of social (in)justice, he deftly maintains a balance of precise touch and texture, pop catchiness and frenetic intensity. That Minutemen inspired “jam econo” vibe embracing the freedom of art and community as long as you’re working hard and bringing your friends along for the ride?… Yeah, that’s here too.

He shows a keen ear for the Mekons’ trans-Atlantic roots and marries it to the Avett Brothers’ big stage sound on “Lost At Sea.” Likewise, there is depth in the song’s lyrics during the cliffhanging, real-life narrative of a best friend almost dying when the HMS Bounty sank in Hurricane Sandy: “When I heard of the wreck my heart left my chest/ tears came rolling down/ the same sun shone through the window/ I thought of a world without you around”

DIY show shakedowns parallel a down-and-out-on-Clout-Street message (“Every bossman is on another bossman’s take/ There ain't no free man except the one you make”) on the vaudeville-via-Eastern European klezmer door-kicker “Everybody Out.” With its bittersweet imagery and mournful harmonies, “Lonesome Low” goes beyond the blue grass and into the deep woods. While the elegiac french horn in “Poverty Draft” wouldn’t sound out of place if it was played in a WWI trench, nor would its message of the poor being the tools of war (“The fight for freedom pays more than minimum wage”).

A punk rock banjo-wielding John Prine or Billy Bragg, Al Scorch writes for the everyperson. Through his acrobatically poetic politics, hopeful tales of love lost (“Love After Death”), or cathartic takes on urban chaos (“City Lullaby”), he pens rowdy campfire stories, calls for action, and draws the epic from the ordinary. Celebrate, right a wrong, or find your path and go for it. It's heavy shit, but so is life.
Eiren Caffall
Eiren Caffall
Eiren Caffall's songs are tiny anthems for that moment when you think you might drown—-but instead you begin to fly.

Her previous records —- Prairie Music (2000) and Civil Twilight (2007) were pressed into 100 copy runs that she handed out to people she thought could use them. She opened for the likes of Vic Chesnutt, Richard Buckner, and Simon Joyner. 

Then in 2009 her marriage came flying apart, and the pieces broke everything they hit. Alone with a small child, with no job and no money, she wrote a new album in a six-month flurry of urgent late nights, her son asleep in the next room.

Slipping the Holdfast will be released in 2013. It was recorded by Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite Sound. She and her band - Ariel Bolles (Rachel Ries), Joshua Dumas (Thomas Comerford) Zachariah Parker (The Sewing Machine) and Lawrence Peters (The Lawrence Peters Outfit) - make music about the wisdom that comes whether you like it or not.
Johnny Young
Johnny Young
American primitive guitarist - "No lengthy improv parts, no trying to be super psychedelic, dark or avantgarde, just joyful guitar" -dying for bad music
Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642