New World Ancients

New World Ancients

The Dirty Dirty Dollars, (ORB), Dog's Best Friend, Abby Stassen

Fri, July 18, 2014

10:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


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New World Ancients
New World Ancients
Imagine the soundtrack for a film noir version of a Greek tragedy set in the future, and you might be close to The New World Ancients' sound. It's progressive rock meets art rock meets psych rock meets new wave, et cetera. The music is agreeably contradictory: both punishing and subtle, aggressive yet sensual, heightened though approachable; it's artsy rock and roll that will horrify and delight you. Each show is a grand affair, and they employ their theatricality to the fullest in the live setting. You've never heard anything quite like these guys, but you'll be glad you did. They've been getting a lot of attention with press and radio with their recently released leviathan of an album, Temporal Beast. Shawn Kellner of Chicago Music Magazine says, "They are by far the most original local band that has come across my desk in 2012 and Temporal Beast is the best local debut album I have come across in 2012. After listening to this album, I am a hands down a fan and supporter of this band for life."
The Dirty Dirty Dollars
The Dirty Dirty Dollars
Chicago's Dirty Dirty Dollars follow in the fine-tradition of American shit-kicking rock bands from ZZ Top and The James Gang to The Black Keys and The Raconteurs. These are working class-guys from Chicago who pledge only to write songs about “sex, death, beer and our fathers,” and bring everything they can to the stage because hey - you earned it. Having honed their skills toiling away at the festival circuit playing as a Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band, The Dollars have successfully applied that band’s incredible interplay and songwriting standards to their own writing.

Their recently released seven-inch single "My Lady’s Got A Toolbox" is a statement of purpose: here, you’ll get heavy guitar swagger, thumping drum shuffle, sleazy singing and playful lyrics which are sexual, but with a twist – she’s the one with the toolbox, after all. "Better Than the Old Man" explodes off the flip-side with a sound like Tom Waits being backed by Crazy Horse. Singer Jed Taylor repeats the orders authoritatively barked by the self-deprecating ‘old man’ character, a paradox sure to be familiar to listeners. While this is only the band’s debut single, they already have many more in the works for near-future release. "We like vinyl and we like keeping it fresh," explains drummer 'Wolfman' Jeff Philippe, "so we plan on putting out a new seven-inch single every couple of months until someone tells us we have to stop."

The band traveled all the way down to Memphis' Ardent Studios to capture the sweaty energy of their live shows on record. Ardent is the birthplace of famous recordings by band favorites (ZZ Top, Big Star, George Thorogood, The White Stripes) and Memphis is the obvious spiritual home of a band with Southern rock n’ roll ingrained in every fiber of their being. Sound clearly matters here, and you’ll hear it pour out of every groove on this record.
(ORB) is Jeff Graupner and Henry Chern. (ORB) is 2/3 of TERRIOR BUTE, a Milwaukee Synth 'n Slam band doing weird things since 2004. Jeff plays all of the synthesizers and Henry slams like a maniac on the drums. There are fast songs and some mid tempo songs, too. Jeff also played synthesizers in the band Young Man.
Dog's Best Friend
Dog's Best Friend is a Chicago comedy group that has performed at The Annoyance, iO, Second City, The Playground, and The Bijou Theater and Sex Club. They are excited about their upcoming performance for Jangleheart Circus (Den Theatre) on Thursday, August 21. Currently, members can be seen all over town in shows such as CHUMS (Annoyance), For Your Condescension (Second City), Battlemasters (Facebook), and DOG STYLE (Wherever).
Abby Stassen
Abby Stassen is a Chicago native whose smart, deadpan humor has been cracking up audiences across the city. Her unique voice lends a fresh perspective to everything from dating to religion to pop culture to politics. She performed in the 2014 Chicago Women's Funny Festival, and is a producer for the weekly standup showcase Proxy Morons.
Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642