Holcombe Waller

Early Show

Holcombe Waller

Haley Bonar, Judson Claiborne

Sat, July 2, 2011

9:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


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Holcombe Waller
Holcombe Waller
Holcombe Waller is a singer-songwriter and performance artist from Portland, OR. His most recent release "Into the Dark Unknown," is a stunning collection of songs taken from his 2008-10 touring theatrical concert by the same name, and has been praised by the New York Times, Paste Magazine, NPR and many others. A busy interdisciplinary artist, he has authored four albums and two touring concerts, and is currently in works to premiere his third music concert, "Surfacing." His his music has been featured editorially on iTunes Indie Spotlight as well as an upcoming Starbucks Pick of the Week. He has worked with and/or performed with The National, Feist, Mia Doi Todd, Bob Mould, China Forbes, Storm Large, The Oregon Symphony, Laura Veirs, Mirah, John Kelly, Justin Bond, Taylor Mac, and many others
Haley Bonar
Haley Bonar
Haley Bonar
Last War

Haley Bonar had already recorded an album as a teenager before leaving Rapid City, SD for Duluth, MN—where she immediately recorded again. Alan Sparhawk heard her at a local Iron Range club one night and a week later, she was transformed from a college student to an ambitious dropout with her guitar and a drummer crammed into a Honda Civic opening for Low. She was nineteen years old. That’s a story already.

But—there is more to this story. In the last decade, Haley has released eight more recordings to critical acclaim and mounting success: lots of touring, playing festivals, capturing awards and artist grants, inventive video productions, placing song tracks on prime TV shows and popular film, appearing on myriad Best-Of lists while continuing to write and perform locally. Oh… and she also had a baby in there somewhere. It’s no accident that her creative prowess drew the attention and respect of fellow collaborators like Dave King, Andrew Bird and Justin Vernon, not to mention the company she keeps in a rotating cast of premium band members including Jake Hanson (Halloween Alaska, Mason Jennings), Jeremy Hanson (Tapes ‘n Tapes), Luke Anderson (Rogue Valley), Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird, Alpha Consumer) and Mike Lewis (Bon Iver, Alpha Consumer).

Haley’s musical adventure took on a passenger in the wack theatrics of her no/new-wave punkish side project Gramma’s Boyfriend with an attention-getting album already behind them and an audience building in front of them. She is always throwing a curve ball or adding another dimension, akin to her heroes: Joni Mitchell, Mark Mothersbaugh, Laurie Anderson, Amy Sedaris, Maria Bamford, Louis C.K., Margaret Atwood and Cookie Mueller. Like them, she remains true to her artistry regardless of trend, politic or scripted gender barriers.

Haley Bonar is more than a hard working musician. She is an innovator, creative ass-kicker and visionary dug into the trenches of living. She writes genuine, epochal and poetic tales that feel like our heartbreak, failure, frustration and joy. In a clear, insistent and often haunting voice, she tells real stories back to us, as if they were our own. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

I have dreams about the end of the story
there’s no explosions
there’s never any holy glory
just a bunch of people
lost and sleepy
trying to find someone
- Haley Bonar / “Bad Reputation”

Haley Bonar’s latest offering Last War will be released worldwide May 20 via Graveface Records.
Judson Claiborne
Judson Claiborne
Judson Claiborne is another name for Christopher Salveter and the music made with his comrades. Salveter began writing songs during the late nineties in his birthplace of St. Charles, Missouri.

Soon after, he relocated to Chicago and started a band called Low Skies. Stuart Berman of Pitchfork, in his review of Low Skies’ final record wrote that the band resembled “the sunstroked stumble of Crazy Horse (c.f. "Cortez the Killer") and the Dirty Three's desert-dragging dirges” and “Salveter's distinctive vocal [has] a death-bed confessional tremble that doesn't so much suggest a lump in his throat as a tumor”. Low Skies released three records on the Flameshovel label and toured extensively, notably as support for Neko Case, Band of Horses, Okkervil River, Explosions in the Sky, and The Handsome Family.

The first Judson LP, Before Midnight Scholar, self-released in 2008, represented a departure from the gloomy, often devastating Low Skies oeuvre. Its songs present a broader emotional landscape, making space for kazoos, laughter and revelatory expression. Conceived by Salveter on a two-month bicycle tour of Southeast Asia, the record howls reverent delight, and wails laments for lost friends and lovers. Mark Guarino of No Depression wrote: “Before Midnight Scholar has a dreamy quality, though underneath the sophisticated textures of country mysticism is a steely edge that suggests a bottom dropping out at any moment. While the music is continually seductive, its core appeal is Claiborne’s voice, which is as nuanced and filled with tremor as those of Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley”
Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642