Tijuana Hercules, Jon & Carly

Thu, March 21, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


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Unswept - (Set time: 10:45 PM)
Charlie OʼBrien -- Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Ryan OʼBrien -- Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

The O'Brien cousins, Charlie and Ryan, grew up on the same council estate in
Sheffield, England and attended university near London. With a couple mates at school
they formed The Council Walls, whose one and only independently released single
managed to scrape the bottom rungs of the local indie charts. Following a show on a stifling summer night at the 100 Club that ended in a food fight, the band split. In a long, drawn-out story that would make a smashing drama (involving two girls and the Arctic Monkeys), they now live in a small but tiny apartment in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, USA.
Their newest release is The Surf Song EP.


"Surf Song...proffers a tidal wave of promise." -- Chuck Taylor, former singles editor,
“Imagine The Jesus and Mary Chain jamming with The Mighty Lemon Drops..." --
Rick Baker, Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More!
"...sits comfortably between R.E.M., Big Star and even Primal Scream. The songs are
intelligent, well written, and completely catchy." -- Rick Jamm, Jammsphere
" Fun. Poppy. With, as you might expect, a hint of The Beach Boys." -- Lauren Gribble,
Coyote Music
"The upbeat melodies, British infused guitar tones, and catchy grooves are exactly the
wave you need next time your mind needs to retreat to its private beach" -- Joshua
Smotherman, Mid-Tennessee Music
"The Unswept’s Surf Song EP is a quick fun listen that will leave you yearning for more
from this innovative twosome." -- Indie Band Guru
“...a bundle of psychedelic, jangle power pop songs that are the perfect backdrop for a
newly founded annual retro beach party.” -- Siobhan Chapman, Indiemunity
Tijuana Hercules
Tijuana Hercules
Tijuana Hercules is a combo specializing in "mutant blues". "Mutant blues"? What's that about & what does that mean! Hey, it's about 3 miles from down home and 6 blocks from the uptown of the mind.
In everyday talk, Tijauana Hercules is a lazy susan of surrealists led by award winning animator, radio show host (WRHC), etc etc John Vernon Forbes. On any given show band membership can vary from a couple to a dozen.
Lastly, it's time to get to the sound. For the recordings, it's laid out in songs. But live it's one long improvised groove. Henceforth, known as the boogie drone. So; shake, baby, shake.
Jon & Carly - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Jon & Carly
Jon & Carly is the folktronic duo featuring musicians Jon Monteverde
(aka XYZR_KX) and Carly Oishi. The group began in 2004 and released
the 'No In Between' 7' under their former name, Oishi. Subsequent
releases include the LP 'Unexpected' (2009) and the EP 'No Me, No Us'
(2010). They've performed throughout Chicago and continue to work on
new material.
Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642