(A Very Special) Beginning|Middle|End

The City is my Heart: Anna Holmquist Hideout Residency

(A Very Special) Beginning|Middle|End

Tue, May 28, 2019

9:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


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B|M|E is a narrative variety show. It’s comedy, documentary, film, singing and dancing — it’s life advice from a puppet.

The show is the brainchild of illustrator & comedy writer Megan Henricks and documentarian Steven Jackson (Love + Radio), two people who love narrative structure but are deathly afraid of commitment. Together they conceived, gestated, and barfed up the perfect solution to their predicament: A night of many stories, in many mediums, organized tidily into beginnings, middles, and ends.

Advice from Steve Harvey. Soviet cat-spiracies. Weird uncles. Meeting the Devil. Long live narrative structure!

Gregory Mulkern (Banjolectric)
Carly Oishi (Paper Machete, Write Club)
Parker Callahan (Second City, The Annoyance, iO)
Brittany Meyer (Strip Joker-founder, Cards Against Humanity)
Steven Jackson (Love + Radio)
Shannon Heffernan (WBEZ)
Max Green (WBEZ)
George Booker (visual artist/illustrator, chalk murals for The Music Box)
& Chad The Bird (journalist/essayist/independent bird)
Anna Holmquist
Anna Holmquist
Anna Holmquist is the whole package. From writing songs on the piano in middle school, to playing in groups as diverse as the kooky indie rockers The Curls and their main songwriting project Ester, music has provided Anna a consistent way to process life experiences and experiment with form and performance. Once, a well-written jingle even won them a year's supply of pasta.

Since 2011 Anna has been a lynchpin of the Chicago DIY scene, criss-crossing the city’s network of basements and bars in an assortment of groups, forging alliances across all manners of Chicago creatives. All the while Anna has been steadily collecting memories, emotions, and experiences, and translating them into song. This patient and careful work provided the material for Curtains, the idyllic debut album by Ester released last year that garnered praise from the likes of the Chicago Tribune and Midwest Action.

Hot on the heels of performances at Pitchfork Music Festival 2018 and SXSW 2019 with the Curls and a TNK Fest show with Ester, Anna is a performer you're gonna want to say you saw here first.
Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642