The Concert for The Emperor of the Bathroom: A Benefit for Scott McCaughey

The Concert for The Emperor of the Bathroom: A Benefit for Scott McCaughey

Jon Langford and Three blokes from Chicago, Nora O'Connor, Kelly Hogan, Dag Juhlin, Max Crawford, Susan Voelz, Jason Narducy, Josh Kantor

Mon, February 12, 2018

7:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


Sold Out

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The Concert for The Emperor of the Bathroom: A Benefit for Scott McCaughey
The Concert for The Emperor of the Bathroom: A Benefit for Scott McCaughey
Since suffering a stroke last November, the robust outpour of support for the recovery of the much-beloved rocker, Scott McCaughey, has been immeasurable. For over 36 years, McCaughey has delighted and, maybe, sometimes scared audiences across the globe from Seattle to Spain. As a founding member of the Young Fresh Fellows, McCaughey has gone on to lend his many talents to R.E.M., The Minus 5, Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3, Alejandro Escovedo, The Baseball Project, Tired Pony, and, his most recent collaboration, Filthy Friends. He has epitomized all the best qualities of a working musician who can’t put down the guitar; always striving to work out a new tune regardless of how many people may or may not hear it just because he has to do it. The Concert For The Emperor of the Bathroom is an evening for the Chicago music community to send its love and support to their friend, Scott. Assembled are friends who have played with Scott over the years and have survived their fair share of after-show drinks with the man. This show will be a celebration of Scott’s songbook, and proceeds will go towards the medical fund set up by his wife, Mary Winzig, to help cover his medical expenses as he recovers. Special auction items donated by the Chicago Cubs, Midwest Buy & Sell and others will also be on display. And as Scott sang, “Everyone with half a mind is gonna be there.”
Jon Langford and Three blokes from Chicago
Jon Langford and Three blokes from Chicago
The L'homme de Renaissance of indie rock. (That's "Renaissance Man" for all you eating "Freedom Fries.") He's done it all in his time. For us, he's created lots of cover art, produced lots of records, lent his ham-fisted guitar stylings to recordings by the Old 97's, Kelly Hogan, Sadies, Sally Timms, Danbert Nobacon, Jon Rauhouse, Alejandro Escovedo, among others, draws a comic strip, plays in the long running art/punk collective the Mekons, written a book, appeared as the backing band on This American Life and acts as a reeling papa bear figure to many of Chicago's musicians looking for direction and reassurance in this vicious racket we call the music industry. Among the guiding forces in the Pine Valley Cosmonauts and the Waco Brothers and Wee Hairy Beasties. At any given time, he has several projects going. It tires us just trying to keep up. As nice as he is prolific. Sort of rare in the hyper-rarified environment of notoriety.
Nora O'Connor
Nora O'Connor
Nora O’Connor is a Chicago-based musician and singer whose vocal talents are the secret weapon behind some of the city’s top performers and recordings. Nora is currently touring as a back-up singer and multi instrumentalist with The Decemberists. She has spent a good share of years on the road with Andrew Bird, Iron and Wine, Robbie Fulks and her old cow-punk band The Blacks (those were some times!). You can hear Nora on recordings with The New Pornographers, Neko Case, Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake) among countless others. Nora possesses a sensitive and honey-sweet vocal delivery, and is a solid sender on guitar -- which is why this lady's phone never stops ringing.  In 2010, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy enlisted Nora O'Connor and Kelly Hogan as a primary vocalists on gospel legend Mavis Staples’ Grammy Award-winning album “You Are Not Alone.”
Kelly Hogan
Kelly Hogan
This Georgia native is a supremely talented and multi-faceted singer profoundly respected within the music world. She was recently touted "a national treasure" by colleague, friend and former Chicago neighbor, Andrew Bird.
On her album "I Like to Keep Myself in Pain" Hogan curates an ambitious and moving labor of love, mining the perfect intersection between classic pop, country and soul. She utilizes her incredible voice to interpret compositions penned for her by musical luminaries including M. Ward, Vic Chesnutt, Magnetic Fields, the Mekons' Jon Langford, the Handsome Family, Bird, Freakwater's Catherine Irwin, John Wesley Harding, Robbie Fulks, Gabriel Roth and Robyn Hitchcock.
She is backed on the album by an absolutely all-star band consisting of R&B legends Booker T. Jones and James Gadson (Bill Withers, Beck) as well as talented young lions Gabe Roth (of Daptone Records, the Dap-Kings) and Scott Ligon.
Pitchfork has just premiered the song "We Cant Have Nice Things" written for Hogan by Jack Pendarvis and Andrew Bird. It is a contemplative and soulful track which periodically swells into an unforgettable Burt Bacharach-like pop crescendo.
As Hogan explains, "My dear friend Jack Pendarvis is a writer and he sent these lyrics called "We Can't Have Nice Things." He thought it would turn out like this George Jones she-left-me type of song. But I had asked Andrew Bird, who I have worked with a long time, to write me a song. He asked if I had any lyrics he could write with so I sent him Jack's. He sent them back with this amazing music and it turned into this really deep soul searching psychological song."
To hear Kelly Hogan's "We Can't Have Nice Things" care of, go here.
Kelly Hogan's I Like To Keep Myself In Pain is the record of a lifetime by a beloved talent. From her time fronting acclaimed bands The Jody Grind and Rock*A*Teens, to her role as, what she proudly calls "the noble sideman" with artists such as Neko Case, Mavis Staples, Jakob Dylan and many others, it has all been leading directly to this moment, and this unforgettable new album.

"This record is my history and all my acquired tools and these really amazing songs that people sent me," Hogan says. "I'm just this person who loves music. And it's my life. And I hope that people love the songs as much as I do and I hope people will listen to them and make out to them."
Dag Juhlin
Member of Poi Dog Pondering, The Goldstars,
The Greenwoods, Expo '76, and The Slugs
Max Crawford
Member of Poi Dog Pondering, Expo '76, Total Pro Horns
Susan Voelz
Susan Voelz
"Sounding like Nico and John Cale fused into one (somewhat sweeter) being" (Musician Magazine), Susan Voelz (pronounced Velz) has pioneered the violin in rock as an original member of Poi dog Pondering, punk poet Alejandro Escovedo, British rock legend Ronnie Lane and John Mellencamp.

"One minute her violin sounds like the sweet voice of angels, and the next minute it is a twisted cacophony inspired by demons," (Deadboy blog) or as one Chicago radio host described it: "a bat with butterfly wings."

A staple in Steve Albini's studio and also John McIntyre's Soma, her violin and arrangements can be heard on many recordings.

As a solo artist, she creates "powerfully atmospheric music" (Trowser Press), playing through guitar effects and triggering samples from sources as varied as the opera Madame Butterfly, the Velvet Underground or from her own three records. She often collaborates with video artist Marco Ferrari.
Jason Narducy
Jason Narducy
“…a first-rate songwriter and band leader.” — Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

“Jason Narducy is the reason Foo Fighters exists (just ask Dave Grohl). He’s also in possession of rock’s sexiest elbows (just ask Ian Rubbish).” — NPR Music

“‘Metal Frames’ [. . .] is full of compact, bristling and melodic rock songs indebted to snarling punk, noise-laced pop, muscular classic rock and Cheap Trick.” — Salon

“With ‘Metal Frames,’ Narducy not only avoids the sophomore slump, he enters MVP territory.” — Magnet

“…a powerhouse pop record that prides itself on tenacious vocals and resolute rhythm guitar.” — Stereogum

“You won’t see more indie rock cred than on the CV of Jason Narducy.” — KEXP, “Song of the Day”
Josh Kantor
Member of Baseball Project, The Split Squad and organist for the Boston Red Sox
Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642