Sarah Eide

Sarah Eide

Layla Frankel, Joe George

Sun, January 28, 2018

7:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


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Sarah Eide
Sarah Eide is a lot of things – an award winning composer of film and game music, a classically trained pianist, and a performing singer-songwriter. As a graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, it’s no surprise that her talent has taken her further than most independent artists – allowing her to pave a non-traditional path and lifestyle of full-time artistry.

In an industry that can often feel oversaturated with stale soundscapes, lifeless lyrics, and predictable patterns, Sarah Eide’s music cuts through the clutter. Drawing comparisons to iconic contemporary pianist such as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and Ben Folds, Eide’s music is equally thoughtful, quirky, intentional, and honest. Her latest self titled release has been described as "“…an amazing display of piano playing with songs that show emotional reflections of a mature songwriter with plenty to offer.”

In January '18 she will be releasing her newest single, "Shadow", a tongue in cheek song about parenthood, inspired by the sounds of New Orleans jazz and many a Pixar movie.
Having graduated from Berklee College of Music, Sarah intended to make her mark in LA as a film composer. While she was well on her way to doing so, she ended up in the Midwest by an unexpected twist of fate. After months of working remotely on various independent games, advertisements and films, she found herself feeling unfulfilled and yearning for more. "I came to Chicago without knowing anyone in the music scene. I had to figure out who I was as a musician and songwriter, as well as who I was as a person. Somehow that feeling of loneliness and exploring the unknown thrust me into my own self discovery and got the creative juices flowing. I'd like to think a lot of good has come from it," Sarah says. The result of this creative struggle is an arsenal of new songs accompanied by musicians from an ever-expanding network. Since late October 2014, Sarah began playing in Chicago proper, all the while gaining new fans and attracting the attention of Chicago music's best.

Sarah's debut EP, "Borderland", is about the space between the known and the unknown: the reminiscing of what's left behind, the anticipation of change, and the challenge of transition. With the completion of "Borderland" set for the beginning of March 2015, Sarah Eide and the Borderland Band are ready to have the Chicago music scene take notice of their newest inhabitant.
Layla Frankel
Born in Los Angeles and raised in a musical family in Chicago, Folk/Soul songwriter and vocalist Layla Frankel has been delighting audiences of all ages for as long as she can remember. A performer from a young age, she appeared on her father, Joel Frankel’s, children’s records and often joined him on stage. As a teenager, with her formal training in choirs and range of musical influences, Layla began composing songs and quickly developed her own vocal style. She later attended the University of Illinois where she started as a jazz studies major with a vocal concentration, but soon realized that her passion lay not only in music, but in songwriting. She began to focus on creative writing and poetry while also singing in big bands and jazz combos - gaining experience as a songwriter and as a band leader.

Between 2013 to 2015, Layla honed her craft as a songwriter, creating a body of music including the tracks on her debut EP, Tame the Fox. In the fall of 2015, Layla took a backpack and her Little Martin guitar and went sightseeing/volunteering in Europe for four months with the goal of meeting interesting people, experiencing other cultures and exploring new scenery. She spent the spring of 2016 off the grid and thru-hiking for two months on the Israel National Trail, a 600-mile hike. It was on this trip that she conceived of the vision for Tame the Fox, a title inspired by the book The Little Prince, which she carried with her on the trail.
Joe George
Joe George
Joe George is a guy who loves songs. He loves writing them, loves singing them, and loves sharing them. He has always felt at home while creating music, which has taken him to many places with different projects. As Joe creates songs, he creates his home. A place where his emotions and thoughts can live, and be shared.

Joe has written and recorded a brand new debut solo record. This record, self-titled ‘Joe George,’ is filled with lush colors and patient space. It is a collection of thoughtful, empathetic songs that deal with reflection, conflict, and simple wonder. The songs are recorded with mostly acoustic instruments, including piano, acoustic guitar, upright bass, drums, and a string quartet.

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Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642