The New Zeitgeist

The New Zeitgeist

Rebecca Jasso, The Naomi Ashley Band

Tue, July 11, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


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The New Zeitgeist
The New Zeitgeist
Our emerging modern selves are so often understood as fluid…the arranging and rearranging of the self to become anything that society needs of it to be next. The continual awareness of our own reflection, domination, and hustle, prompts the loss of human sense, and a superior attitude of “presentism,” says T.S. Eliot. The New Zeitgeist, the links of Chicago’s Jen Reilly and Eddy Bluma, beckon a revolution as well as a recovering of the simple things in life that matter.

Little cowboy what have you heard up on the lonely mound?

Only the yellow bird/Only the Eastern ground

Sighs in sultry fields/Can you hear the sound

Of a time stood still/Of a time stood still

Exploring the origins of the oral folk tradition that touches outlaw and rock ballads, the Geist draws heavily from suspenseful and captivating stories of fairies, earth, and work that call into our current socio-political times. Far-reaching, yet familiar; The New Zeitgeist calls from the deep to weary, worn trails of spirits lingering.

The Ghost Trail is filled with carriages

Broken Hopes and Lost promises

Forgotten and blown into bits

Beneath cobblestone and brick

For The New Zeitgeist, time is highly connected to creating music. Inviting and captivating, this connection can be physically heard on their latest album, Myths and Mortals. T.S. Eliot states, “No poet has meaning alone. His appreciation and significance is the direct relation to the dead poets and artists.” Likewise, The New Zeitgeist shares: “Our sense of what it is to be presently human not only involves our mortal stories but also our roots from beyond.” The channel is roots, and Myths and Mortals, the duo’s critical new Mike Hagler produced album, blossoms like a shady willow in the scornful heat of summer.

Jen Reilly and Eddy Bluma met as solo artists entering the music scene of Chicago in 2009, but might as well have been around since 1929. “Old souls,” migrating from desert and sea, the two began collaborating as a folk duo with tempting harmonies and lonesome spirituals. Reilly’s country gospel roots and southern swing deeply welcomed the black leather grit of Bluma’s rock influences in new intertwining medley. Providing folk-nymph echoes to Bluma’s timeless music, Reilly quickly found heightened vocal expression and newfound writing territory. “It’s been awhile since I’ve described a vocalist as having ‘a great set of pipes,’ but that fits those of Jen Reilly,” WXRT’s Richard Milne commented of the duo’s self-titled 2014 debut release.

Engineered and co-produced by Michael Hagler at King Size Sound Labs, whose repertoire includes staple projects like Wilco/Billy Bragg’s Mermaid Avenue and Jon Langford’s Waco Brothers, and whom The New Zeitgeist’s partnership over the last several years, “Myths and Mortals,” has risen to develop a sound that is world-worn but powerful and commanding of attention. The album expands the duo’s standalone intimate harmonic swells, featuring Chicago hometown heroes Gerald Dowd, John Abbey, as well as Alton Smith. Most outstanding for this rising duo, is the contribution of Austin City Limits Hall Of Fame member Lloyd Maines, whose collaborations range from Guy Clark to Joe Ely.

The performance experience is a tangible array, fearlessly enchanting the listener (CAU, On Axis Music). The sound of the band fills any room--from small venues to large festivals. The New Zeitgeist’s performance is a true embodiment of authentic art--it is true to self, informed by the past, and it is an actualizing channel of freedom, honesty, and identification. Myths and Mortals, with its reflection upon past and present, is wholly in the now (CAU, On Axis Music).
Rebecca Jasso
Rebecca Jasso
Chicago native Rebecca Jasso is a singer/songwriter who playfully writes around the themes of love, loneliness, and fantasy, skillfully weaving her melodies into the harmonic fabric of her fingerstyle guitar playing.

Music has had a strong hold over Rebecca since childhood. At age 10, she took up the guitar, and since the very beginning, sought to write good songs. Despite learning at this young age, it wasn't till after college that she worked up the confidence to take her music to the stage. For years, she oscillated between playing solo and in bands, with each wave bringing her closer to chiseling out a style that would be her very own.

A visual artist, Rebecca conjures images with her lyrics to insert you into pictures from her own imagination. From soft, autumnal landscapes, to dark, Narnian scenes, each song is a journey into a new story. Her honest voice and beautiful songs will absolutely charm you.
The Naomi Ashley Band
The Naomi Ashley Band
Naomi Ashley grew up on a farm outside the small town of Moville, Iowa and has been a part of the Chicago music scene for over 17 years. As a singer-songwriter, she draws from American folk, roots and country traditions to create a body of work ranging from witty and satirical to poetic and heartfelt. Her 2007 album, Another Year Or So, was funded by a grant from the Chicago Artist Assistance Program. Her most recent album, Trying to Fly, was partially funded by the Illinois Arts Council

Naomi frequently collaborates with spoken word and visual artists. In 2010, she conceived and produced OUTBURSTS , a show that brought songwriters, composers, playwrights, poets, and monologists together to write and perform works inspired by the paintings of Hungarian-born, Chicago-based artist Zsofia Otvos.

Naomi can often be spotted performing solo, or with her band — Cathie Van Wert (violin), Andon Davis (guitar), Michael Krayniak (bass), and Paul Bivans (drums).

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The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642