Thymme Jones, Dag Juhlin, Susan Voelz, Daniel Lutz

Thymme Jones

Dag Juhlin

Susan Voelz

Daniel Lutz

Tue, April 17, 2012

9:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


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Thymme Jones
Thymme Jones
Thymme Jones is a multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter who has been a staple
of Chicago's vibrant underground music scene for three decades. His always-active
musical life first "went public" in the summer of '82 via avant-rock/faux-jazz ensemble,
Dot Dot Dot, who frequently shared the stage with equally adventurous artists, such
as Michael Zerang (then of Liof Munimula) and Ono (who have recently reformed).
He is best known for being the founding member of the seminal art-rock band,
CHEER-ACCIDENT, who insist on being as thought-provoking and genre-defying
as they were at their inception in the early '80s.

Thymme is equally at home in both experimental and pop contexts, as he has performed
live and/or recorded with Tony Conrad, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Will Oldham,
Bobby Conn, Jim O' Rourke, U.S. Maple, Smog, and many others. He has been
a member of Brise-Glace, Illusion Of Safety, You Fantastic!, Yona-Kit, and has
recently been spotted playing a key role in Dead Rider (Todd Rittmann's brilliant
vehicle for warped rock and R&B eccentricity).

Freshly made in early 2012 is the debut recording by Stopped Clocks, a collaboration
between Thymme and the extraordinary guitarist, Scot Ashley. This self-titled collection
of twelve songs covers a fair amount of aesthetic territory, and features the distinctive
bass playing of Chip Z'nuff and Bob Lizik (who has been an essential component in
Brian Wilson's rhythm section for more than a decade).

When Thymme performs solo, he calls upon his extensive catalog of introspective
(and often melancholy) piano/voice songs, which recalls the world of Robert Wyatt,
Burt Bacharach, and Todd Rundgren.
Dag Juhlin
Member of Poi Dog Pondering, The Goldstars,
The Greenwoods, Expo '76, and The Slugs
Susan Voelz
Susan Voelz
"Sounding like Nico and John Cale fused into one (somewhat sweeter) being" (Musician Magazine), Susan Voelz (pronounced Velz) has pioneered the violin in rock as an original member of Poi dog Pondering, punk poet Alejandro Escovedo, British rock legend Ronnie Lane and John Mellencamp.

"One minute her violin sounds like the sweet voice of angels, and the next minute it is a twisted cacophony inspired by demons," (Deadboy blog) or as one Chicago radio host described it: "a bat with butterfly wings."

A staple in Steve Albini's studio and also John McIntyre's Soma, her violin and arrangements can be heard on many recordings.

As a solo artist, she creates "powerfully atmospheric music" (Trowser Press), playing through guitar effects and triggering samples from sources as varied as the opera Madame Butterfly, the Velvet Underground or from her own three records. She often collaborates with video artist Marco Ferrari.

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Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642