To The Front hosted by Sen Morimoto

To The Front hosted by Sen Morimoto

Blake Saint David, Sweat Enzo, Mal Devisa

8PM CDT | $10

TO THE FRONT is a series for Hideout Online where artists of note are weekly rotating hosts bringing you 3 artists that they love. They'll also be nominating an artist to host in the future. Discover new acts you love without caving to the algorithms.

Sen Morimoto

check out the new self-titled album on Sooper Records!

Blake Saint David

Inspired by Tommy Wright III, Imogen Heap, D’angelo, and Kanye West, Chicago native Blake Saint David makes intriguing music through a neo-McCarthy era lens

Sweat Enzo

Sweat Enzo, created from nothingness but now definitely something, always under the table but reaching one hand up to grab the food. Ever self-defeating but not yet defeated. Hoping to change the world with music but not able to write good enough songs. Able to write good songs that nobody hears. Unable to escape the terrible name thrust upon them many years ago, and incapable of thinking of anything more fitting. Hoping to break the cycles of stupidity. Welcoming a show at any turn, glad to play in the great town of Chicago at last. Thank you Chicago! We'll see you soon!

Mal Devisa

"Mal Devisa is Carr’s solo moniker. She grew up in the Bronx and, at five, moved to the college town of Amherst, Mass. Carr seems to have absorbed the intellectual rigor that is the oxygen of such a place—the societal critique in her songs and interviews is razor sharp—as well as its heart. (“I’m definitely a small town person,” Carr once said. “When I go to the city I’m like, ‘Why is no one returning my smile?’ It’s kind of sad.”) At 12, Carr attended a Girls Rock Camp lead by a former member of the ’70s outfit Fanny and started a funk band called Who’da Funk It; the group lasted until Carr was 17, and a year later, in 2014, she released her first music as Mal Devisa." - Pitchfork

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