The Make-Out Party - Celebrating15 Evenings of Aural Intercourse

The Make-Out Party - Celebrating15 Years of Aural Intercourse

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Irish American Heritage Center BallroomChicagoIL
The Make Out All Stars perform originals, arrangements of film music, and other classic love themes from all around the globe.

The Hideout Presents: The Make-Out Party; "Celebrating 15 Evenings of Aural Intercourse", featuring Make Out All Stars; performing originals, arrangements of film music, and other classic love themes from all around the globe.

The Make-Out Party is an annual event celebrating LOVE for its own sake. Every Valentine’s Day weekend since 2005, Chicago’s Hideout Inn is Transformed into a cozy love nest, (complete with High School Prom decorations, the smell of fresh cut roses, and a rotating roster of over 30 musicians and performers), to inspire the tickle one feels in one’s stomach upon receiving a “first kiss”. This year we're taking it to the ballroom of the Irish American Heritage Center to fully pull off the prom feel of the night! The music moves from Herb Alpert inspired arrangements, dirty blues ballads, 70’s soul, 80’s rock anthems, classic film scores, frenetic dance numbers, transcendent “eastern” melodies, to unknown originals; creating an evening of performances that are as varied as there are kinds of kisses, unified by one central theme - Love is Love

Make Out All Stars was created by composer Jefferey Thomas and bassist Ryan Hembrey in 2005. It is an ensemble of musicians, performers, poets, and personalities handpicked for “one-night-only” performances. Make Out All Stars has included musicians from Mucca Pazza, Poi Dog Pondering, Cheer Accident, Lowdown Brass Band, Judson Claiborne, Baby Teeth, Dethholz!,, Herculaneum, Roommate, and Head of Femur. Past performers include: Cynthia Plaster Caster (artist and “recovering groupie”), Xu YuYen (Chinese guzheng virtuoso), Monica Bou Bou and Bobby Conn (art - rock evocateurs), Marvin Tate (performance poet), Ramblin’ Rose (blues diva), and Josh Kantor (organist for the Boston Red Sox), to name a few.

2020 Make Out All Stars:

Jefferey Thomas - Music Director, Guitar

Jim Cooper - Concert Master, Bass

Billie Howard - Keyboards, Violin

Monica Bou Bou - Violin, Vocals

Nora Barton - Cello

Geoff Dolce - Guitar

Scott Simon - Mallets

Colby Starck - Drums

Brent Roman - Percussion

Dave Smith - Woodwinds, Vocals

Airan Wright - Woodwinds

Dave Levine - Flute

Thymme Jones - Trumpet

Sam Johnson - Trumpet

Susie Inverso - Trumpet

Justin Amolsch - French Horn

Nick Broste - Trombone

Hawk Coleman - Vocals

Bobby Conn - Vocals

So h’Darling - Vocals

Courtney Glasco - Vocals

Angela James - Vocals

Kristin Johnson - Vocals

Lawrence Peters - Vocals

Bindu Poroori - Vocals

Chris Salveter - Vocals

Gabriel Wallace - Vocals

Picolina Zoo - Vocals

Cristal Sabbagh - Dancer

Keisha Janae - Dancer

Tara Willis - Dancer

Michael Tekhen Strode - Dancer

Wannapa P. Eubanks - Dancer

Ed Clemons - Dancer

Megan Rhyme - Dancer

Melissa Allen - Dancer

Sharon Lanza - Herself (as someone else)

...and more special guests to come!

Venue Information:
Irish American Heritage Center Ballroom
4626 N Knox Ave
Chicago, IL, 60630