Shit For Brains Freeplay

Shit For Brains Freeplay

Hideout InnChicagoIL
5PM | 21+

Shit For Brains

Do you like fun? Do you like games? Do you like beverages? If you answered yes to any of these of questions, then come join us on Black Wednesday for a Shit for Brains free play at the Hideout. We'll have copies of the game available for you & your friends to play. Or maybe play with strangers. Or maybe just come, pick up the game for second, say "neat idea", & and then have a drink.

Copies of the game will be available for purchase at the special Black Wednesday price of $15. Isn't that great?

Shit For Brains is a hilarious trivia-based party game all about sex, drugs, crime, death, bodily functions, and celebrity slip ups. We’ve got 600 facts. All of them weird, all of them true.

Venue Information:
Hideout Inn
1354 W. Wabansia Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60642