Pigface: Stay the Fuck Inside Tour 2020
*non-subscription show

Pigface: Stay the Fuck Inside Tour 2020

*non-subscription show

Tune in for the maximal view experience from Pigface. You'll get to see their set from Thalia Hall in Dec 2019 that celebrated the insanity that IS Pigface (lineup listed below) along with extras and openers! Do not miss!

Martin Atkins - PiL + Killing Joke

Mary Byker - PWEI + Gaye Bykers On Acid

Chris Connelly - Revolting Cocks + Ministry

Randy Blythe - Lamb of God

Curse Mackey - Evil Mothers

En Esch - KMFDM

Lesley Rankine - Silverfish + Ruby

Charles Levi - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Bobdog Catlin - Evil Mothers

Bradley Bills - Chant

Orville Kline - Porn and Chicken

Greta Brinkman - Moby + Druglord

Danny Carey - Tool, Gaelynn Lea

Dirk Flanigan - 77 Luscious Babes

Leanne Murray - Beer Nuts

Chris Harris - Project 44

Mike Reidy - Worm , Andrew Apocalypse, Ali Jafri , Roger Ebner

Bruce Lamont

Andrew Weiss - Ween, Rollins band , Jesse Hunt, Dai , C.A.M., J Lamar, Just Chris, Add-2, Rona Rougeheart, Leyla Royale

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