Hideout High School | Course #3: Redistricting and Communities of Color

Hideout High School | Course #3: Redistricting and Communities of Color

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5:30PM EVENT | 21+

Course #3: Redistricting and Communities of Color

Every ten years, states use census data to redraw new election boundaries – a process that can lead politicians to pick their voters instead of the other way around. In Chicago, the stakes of redistricting are especially high for communities of color who have historically been denied the power to elect candidates who represent them.

Join us for a panel discussion on the potential gains and pitfalls of the 2020 map-drawing process. We’ll hear from several of Chicago’s community organizations most impacted by specific instances of inequitable redistricting, including Asiaha Butler of R.A.G.E, Ami Gandhi of Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, and Steven Monroy of MALDEF. More special guests to be announced soon!

Hideout High School

Hideout High School is a non-selective enrollment, non-credit, ALL Inclusive, all interesting, all subjects series of courses, all with respected serious experts.

Our mission is to tackle real world challenges and see if we can make sense of them right here in Chicago. Like High School, we will try to cover every subject. But unlike traditional high school, you don't have to ask permission to take a smoke break. And you can drink in class!

In each session, we’ll focus on how the City tackles different policy problems. We’ll pick a piece of complicated City or state policy and break down how it works and how it fails from a racial equity perspective.

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