A Virtual Exquisite Crawl
Hideout Online, MAKE Literary Productions, and Homeroom Chicago present

A Virtual Exquisite Crawl

Tselanie Townsend, Kristin Lueke, Nandini Khaund

7:30PM CDT | $5 suggested "tip" split 80/20 with the show and Hideout

watch live at https://www.facebook.com/hideoutchicago/live

MAKE Literary Productions and Homeroom Chicago present

A Virtual Exquisite Crawl

Through this arts-packed, virtual crawl across three online venues, audiences will witness the unveiling of three distinct exquisite corpse video pieces—each created by a group of three artists and beginning with the same line of poetry from Nate Marshall’s “Imagine” (https://theadroitjournal.org/issue-thirty-one/nate-marshall-poetry/)

"we imagine

being together & that is the first step."

Using the well-known exquisite-corpse drawing method as the format, each of nine participants created a short, multimedia video, resulting in three final group videos, each one streamed through a different venue successively from 7-8pm.

The crawl will kick off at 7pm at https://www.twitch.tv/elasticartschicago.

See you there!

7:00PM – Deidre Huckabay/Carla Gruby/Jasmine Henri Jordan

online at Elastic Arts

7:15PM – Sam Lewis/Jennifer Ligaya/Maya Odim

online at Arts + Public Life

7:30PM – Tselanie Townsend/Kristin Lueke/Nandini Khaund + Artist Talk

KRISTIN LUEKE is a Virgo, poet, facilitator, strategist, and caretaker of plants and a tiny, small dog. Her work has appeared in Vector Press, Untoward Magazine, NAP, the Acentos Review and elsewhere. She's been nominated for a Pushcart Prize precisely once, for a poem about a vengeance. It didn't win. Her chapbook, (in)different math, was published by Dancing Girl Press.





Ibloomfromburntashes. Isoaklikeasponge. Ilistentoscent, Itastethesound, Ismelltheshade. Isthisabio?

TSELANIE TOWNSEND is based in Chicago, is inspired by the pathos of humanity. Through her focus on tunes, vids, comics, and random crap, she seeks to really wallow in it—like, she’ll totally pick it apart and just sit in it, you know?

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