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Check out this sweet video of Kelly Hogan and her band covering The Hold Steady’s “Constructive Summer” on the front porch of the Hideout for The Onion A.V. Club’s Undercover Series.

Hey Hey Everyone, Tonight it’s another edition of Hideout Veggie Bingo.  Tonight the illustrious Hot Doug will not only be donating some tasty dogs as he does every week, but he will also be calling out the numbers! Later this evening the Immediate Sound Series presents the Horist / Gray Duo and the Baker / […]

  Here’s a sweet story about one of our favorite Hideout bartenders ever, Kelly Hogan.  Be sure to pick up her amazing new album I Like To Keep Myself In Pain which drops Tuesday June 5th on Anti Records.

Congratulations to our very own Martha Bayne for her 2012 Time Out Chicago Eat Out Award for, Most Palatable Evangelism! It seemed like just another excuse for Blue Liners to drink and brood together. But in the three years since Martha Bayne started Soup & Bread, a weekly event that runs from January to April […]

Click on the video to tune in and see out very own Martha Bayne on WGN-TV talking about Soup & Bread to the daytime television audiences of Cook County!

Hey Hey Everyone, Before we get into this week’s upcoming shows we wanted to let you know about a few things… For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Portlandia show last week we are sorry and we really do wish we could’ve packed everyone in here.  Here’s a bunch of pictures and review from […]

There’s a picture from the NY Times of the Hideout’s very own Nick Broste rocking his bone at the NYC Winter Jazzfest this past weekend with Herculaneum!  Ben Ratliff from the Times weighed on the killer festival.

The Chicago Tribune did a great feature story this week on Sunday’s show, NEDtalks: Spreading Worthless Ideas.

Time Out Chicago wrote a great piece about our annual Panto shows in this week’s issue.  Tickets are going fast for the Egyptian/Cosmic Panto this December 16-18th so be sure to snag some before it’s too late!

We are so pleased to announce that the official Soup and Bread Book Release Party will be taking place here on Wednesday November 2nd. It will be featuring soups from West Town Tavern, Swim Cafe, the Butcher & Larder, Milk & Honey Cafe, Mana Food Bar, Revolution Brewing, Longman & Eagle, Bite Cafe and others! […]