Programming and Private Event Contact Information  

Sullivan Davis – Program Director

Alice Blander – Private Events

Thanks for thinking of The Hideout for your event! For programming proposals or private event inquiries please send us an email!

For programming proposals:
1. Links to your band’s music or a short (100 words) writeup describing your proposed event with links to supporting organizations, etc.
2. The dates you’re either available to play in Chicago or proposing for the event
3. Your contact information

Our Sound Specs are listed below. Please advance any specific requirements, rather than assuming you can use anything you see below.

Behringer X32 digital mixing board. 24 stage inputs. Wi-Fi controllable w/ free app download

(1) Shure Beta 52 kick drum mic
(3) Sennheiser e604 drum mics
(6) Shure SM58 vocal mics
(2) Sennheiser e835 vocal mic
(3) Shure SM57 instrument mics
(2) Shure Beta57 vocal/instr. mics
(7) Direct boxes
(various brands, including 1 Rapco active DI and 1 Radial passive)
(2) Shure SM81 condenser mics

(2) QSC PLX 3002
(2 x 1500 Watts each @ 2 ohms — for stereo mains & subs)
(1) Behringer EP 2500
(2 x 1200 Watts @ 2 ohms – for 2 monitor mixes)
(1) Crown amplifier – for 2 monitor mixes

Main Speakers
EV QRX 212/75

(2) Peavey 2×15″ subs
(also in stereo)

Monitor Speakers
(3) JBL STX 12″ (front monitors)
(1) JBL STX 15″ (drum monitor)

Stage Dimensions
Approximately 16′ wide by 10′ deep

Everett Upright w/ K&K Pure Piano pickup (1/4″ output)

White & colored track lighting & festoons. Controllable at FOH

(2) pull down movie screens

Viewsonic SVGA (ceiling mounted)
Dongles available for HDMI, mini display, Thunderbolt 3, and more

DJ equipment
(2) Technics SL-1200MK5 Turntables
(1) Mixer – 4-channel Allen & Heath Xone:23
(1) Mixer – Pioneer 900NXS
(2) CDJs – Pioneer 2000 NXS