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The Guardian names The Hideout a Top-10 Chicago Destination

With new non-stop flights from the UK and a large number of domestic tourism re-directing itself away from LA and New York, The Guardian took a trip to Chicago to comprise a ‘local’s guide’ to the city, putting together a list of the top 10 bars, restaurants and places to see across the city. Nestled […]

Comedic Algorithms: Washington Post Shines a Light on Botnik Live!

Comedy—cult-comedy, queasy-comedy, powerpoint-comedy, pancake-comedy—has become a staple in the Hideout’s monthly programming. From HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE and Wham City Comedy to Clickhole, Monkey Wrench and Late Late Breakfast, you can count on something coming to the Hideout stage (almost) every week that’ll indulge every comedic appetite. Botnike Live! the brain child of Jamie Brew, a former editor at […]

Mark Bazer and The Interview Show to Broadcast Across the Country

It was only a matter of time before someone picked up on what Mark Bazer’s been doing with The Interview Show over the course of the past few years. From Chicago icons to national and internationally renowned artists, musicians, politicians and activists—Bazer has supplied us, and viewers across the city, with entertaining, at times comical, […]

Comedy Central’s ‘Up Next’ Showcase Lands at the Hideout

Comedy Central, through the advent of the internet and expansion of comedy-oriented programming across cable television, has been able to adapt and maintain their position, and relevancy, atop comedy’s power rankings. They do this by maintaining a consistent repertoire of established comics, but also by creating spaces for comedy’s next-and-future generations. One example of this […]

“How to Laugh in the #MeToo Era” a Roundtable Discussion at the Hideout

In today’s uber-visual, socio-political climate it’s not hard to offend (or be offended). The world of comedy, whose entertainment value is often gauged by its participants and vanguards willingness to push the envelop and tap into the corners of society that are deemed the most uncomfortable. We also live in an era in which one […]

The Onion’s Comedy & Arts Festival hits the Hideout

Clickhole at the Hideout, a monthly staple on the Hideout stage, brings a slew of professional satirists to the stage armed with bizarre Powerpoints, quirky anecdotes and (if we’re lucky) outlandish costumes. Clickhole, a brainchild of The Onion, has been a steady provider of comic relief in an era of almost perpetual pessimism in the […]

The Hideout’s SXSW Send-Off Party returns this weekend!

Every year around this time musicians, filmmakers and artists of all forms head to Austin, TX for the two-week-long smorgasbord of performances, expression and, well, partying that is SXSW. This festival has catapulted itself into the conversation of the country’s best music festivals (though it’s stages now house film, podcasts, writers and more) and every […]

Sarah Squirm is re-defining what Comedy is, what it can be and what it looks like

Zach Freeman, a free-lance writer for the Tribune, stopped by the Empty Bottle earlier this week to take in a comedy set from Sarah Squirm, the comedic architect of HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE, and a blossoming band of comedic misfits that having been re-working the essence of what comedy can look like, sound like and feel like. The […]

The Scott McCaughey Benefit Concert Hits the Hideout

Last November, while on tour with Alejandro Escovedo, Scott McCaughey suffered a stroke that nearly cost him his life. After nearly a month in the Intensive Care Unit, McCaughey was released from the hospital and continues to work to regain his musical-self. The former R.E.M guitarist, whose musical talents have seeped into barrooms and onto stages […]

The Hideout Loves John Mahoney

It’s with a great deal of sadness that we take the time to look back on the life and work of John Mahoney. The film, screen and voice actor who’s best known for his role of Martin Crane on the American Sitcom, Fraiser, and who earlier in his career established himself at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre, passed […]