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“The audiences are smart [in Chicago]. In LA … you sort of pander to the audiences more. Here you can joke about whatever and your audience will get it,” said Quincy Jones, an L.A. based comedian when discussing what separates Chicago from other comedy hubs across the country. Though it was once said that if […]

Yonatan Gat, a guitarist, producer and over-all music-man, has been turning heads and packing venues for the past few years. Ever since being named ‘New York’s Best Guitarist’ in 2013 by the Village Voice, Gat’s “eccentric, eclectic music blends his technical proficiency with a love for the avant-garde, free form composition, and punk energy” has become […]

While there is no doubt women, non-binary individuals and anyone else falling on the fluid spectrums of gender and sexuality have been central to the creation of music and culture across the world, they often take a secondary role when it’s time for credit to be passed out. And while music (sometimes) is seen as […]

With new non-stop flights from the UK and a large number of domestic tourism re-directing itself away from LA and New York, The Guardian took a trip to Chicago to comprise a ‘local’s guide’ to the city, putting together a list of the top 10 bars, restaurants and places to see across the city. Nestled […]

Comedy—cult-comedy, queasy-comedy, powerpoint-comedy, pancake-comedy—has become a staple in the Hideout’s monthly programming. From HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE and Wham City Comedy to Clickhole, Monkey Wrench and Late Late Breakfast, you can count on something coming to the Hideout stage (almost) every week that’ll indulge every comedic appetite. Botnike Live! the brain child of Jamie Brew, a former editor at […]

It was only a matter of time before someone picked up on what Mark Bazer’s been doing with The Interview Show over the course of the past few years. From Chicago icons to national and internationally renowned artists, musicians, politicians and activists—Bazer has supplied us, and viewers across the city, with entertaining, at times comical, […]