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Chris Gantry,¬†is the singer, songwriter and storyteller from Nashville who’s work has echoed across the country for nearly half a century. He’s worked with some of the most brilliant literary and musical minds in this century and on February 22, he lands on the Hideout stage with special guest, Jon Langford, to play a record […]

Every January, for the past 27 years, we gather in the Hideout’s back room to celebrate an event near and dear the heart of the Hideout: The Tims Party. It’s a time to celebrate the people who’ve helped make the Hideout such a special place over the years (coincidentally many of those people happen to […]

Sarah Sherman, the genius behind the squirmy, cring-i-ly hilarious HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE, sat down with Chicago Magazine last week on the eve of her comedic collaboration with Wham City to talk about the origins of HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE¬†(which, in a sense, grew up in the Hideout), her feelings on standup, growing up in New York and more, […]

There’s something about combining alcohol and bathrooms that evokes an artistic drive (if that’s what you want to call it) in people. And while some bars and venues choose to take a fresh coat of pain to their walls every few months, we’ve never minded the drawings, poems and proclamations that climb the walls of […]