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Foundations of Music (FoM) honors The Hideout with its annual ‘Crystal Brick in the Wall’ Award for contributions to providing CPS children of all means with access to music education and fulfilling FoM’s mission of ‘Music for Every Child’. We’re incredibly honored to be a part of such an important and influential organization. Music should […]

We had an absolute blast this past weekend. It might have been a bit hot, which we’ll take over the rain the Block Party usually brings, but the food was delicious, the beer was cold and the stage was rockin’ for two straight days. If you didn’t have a chance to make it out, or […]

“But the Hideout’s relative isolation is actually a big part of the reason why hundreds flock there every week: The place isn’t in any visible community, so it built one of its own.”   Aaron Cohen, a freelancer and writer for FAR, an online publication dedicated to uncovering authenticity and originality amongst the throngs of […]

After nearly 15,000 people crammed into the Industrial corridor at the crux of Wabansia and Ada St. in 2014 it was unclear if the Hideout’s Block Party would carry on in the direction it was headed. The Hideout has never been about flash, or the bottom line, it’s always been about the people. That’s what […]

WGN Radio host Dave Hoesktra sat down with Hideout President, Tim Tuten, to discuss the return of the Hideout’s 21st Annual Block Party, which hits Wabansia September 23rd & 24th. The two also talked about Tuten’s early years in Chicago, and at the Hideout, the bar’s aesthetic inspiration, as well as the 60th birthdays of some […]

Fall in Chicago means a few things: school’s back in session, beaches are closed, playoff baseball is looming in the distance and an onslaught of concerts, tours and album releases are about to descend upon this city. The Chicago Tribune has done their very best to highlight the very best of what is yet to […]

We always like to think we consistently sport an eclectic set of programming, but over the course of the next few weeks we’ll expand that ideal further as we play host to a pair of World Music Festival shows. Over the course of the next two weeks Chicago becomes home to over 40 bands from 20 different […]