“An Evening in the Chinook Lounge” with Chef Mickey Neely

Mondays in July Chef Mickey Neely looks to pair the timeless allure of the Wisconsin Supper Club dining experience with a little bar tucked into Chicago’s industrial corridor, The Hideout.
The menu includes a 5-course meal and a cocktail menu made available from Campari. With seatings at 6:00 & 8:00 PM, and weekly dinner-time entertainment ranging from musicians, comedians, poets, and magicians, folks can swing by right after work or a little later on for the kind of Wisconsin opulence that summons palatable nostalgia—transporting us back to a kitchen, dinner table or conversation somewhere – all the while comfortably nestled around long, family-style banquet tables in the Hideout’s back hall, the Chinook Lounge.For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere, but want a more casual experience, fresh made sandwiches will be available in the front bar.
7/17 – AJ Sacco
7/31 – Bill Bullock