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Hello Friends! Here’s what we got cooking this week, hope you can stop on by! Tonight we have a record release party with Jeff Harms.  Jeff Harms’ fifth release, Pretty Girls Don’t Just Talk to Me is an album of duets produced by Sam Wagster (Fruit Bats,Father Costume, Dahlgren). Various local singers lend their voices to ten simple tunes.  Nora O’Connor, Rachel Ries, Dan Mohr, Gillian Lisee, Adam […]

Hello friends! Here’s what we have cooking this week! Tonight we have Paul K, Rick Rizzo and Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne. Paul Kopasz retired his legendary rotating member trios and ensembles collectively known as The Weathermen in the summer of 2010 after 25 years and some 50 full-length releases. The project began as art-damaged punk in 1985 and eventually traversed every known american pop […]