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Hello friends! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and come by soon! Tonight we have Al Scorch’s Feast of Friendship.  With a large array of artists including Al Scorch’s Country-Soul Ensemble and Man is Man playing in the back room.  Things kick off with Adventure Sandwich, Sima Cunningham & Chris Kimmon playing the front during the day. Everything Is Terrible videos all night.  And wrapping up with DJ […]

Hello Friends Lots of holiday cheer at the Hideout this week!  Hope you can stop on by. Tonight we have the Hideout Holiday Office Party featuring sketch comedy from the people who bring youFunny Ha-Ha, The Interview Show, Shame That Tune and Schadenfreude with special guest Psalm One and a couple of aldermen!  If you miss it, you will be fired. For our late show, Immediate Sound […]