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Hey Hey Everyone, Before we get into this week’s upcoming shows we wanted to let you know about a few things… For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Portlandia show last week we are sorry and we really do wish we could’ve packed everyone in here.  Here’s a bunch of pictures and review from […]

“Chicago then was like this embryonic version of ‘Portlandia.’ Though, no question, the show’s informed by my time in Chicago.” – Fred Armisen The Chicago Tribune just did a great piece on Fred Armisen’s Chicago years in anticipation for the sold out Portlandia show here next Wednesday!  Great interviews with Damon Locks, Wayne Montana, Steve […]

There’s a picture from the NY Times of the Hideout’s very own Nick Broste rocking his bone at the NYC Winter Jazzfest this past weekend with Herculaneum!  Ben Ratliff from the Times weighed on the killer festival.