15th Anniversary & Block Party Press Roundup


Eight Forty-Eight interviews the owners and goes over the history of The Hideout

Eight Forty-Eight also interviewed photographer Jim Newberry about shooting in the club and about our upcoming event this evening, Scrapbok: The Hideout Story In Pictures

Jim DeRogatis weighs in on our Block Party lineup

Chicago Tribune:

A Day at The Hideout by Chris Borrelli

Kelly Hogan reflects on 15 years of memories at The Hideout

Kids These Days Rising Fast by Greg Kot

Chicago Sun-Times:

The Hideout Marks 15th Anniversary with Annual Block Party by Dave Hoekstra

Huffington Post:

Interview with Andrew Bird about his relationship with The Hideout


Celebrate 15 Years of the Hideout with a photo retrospective

Block Party Returns To The Hideout After Two Year Hiatus

Chicago Reader:

The Hideout welcomes back headliners Mavis Staples & Andrew Bird

Time Out Chicago:

Andrew Bird, Booker T. and Mavis Staples lead this year’s eclectic lineup