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Feeling logy? Sluggish? Tight in the quads? Well, do we have the cure for you. Bartender and tireless yoga teacher  Marci reports that she’s teaching FREE yoga at Millennium Park for the next three Saturdays at 8 am as part of the city’s “Free Summer Workouts” series. She’s also teaching a special yoga class from […]

Hi! Let’s do short and sweet this week. We’re still tired from the car thing last week. But, not too tired to say; this week is getting us revved up. Get it? Oh the hilarity … First: What a good way to get great local veggies into your life. Peasants’ Plot is still accepting members […]

The stupendous Honeyboy Edwards turns 96 today. 96!!!!!!! So of course we made him a banner. And by we, I mean Andrea.

Speaking of the Reader’s Best-Of issue (and of urinals),  Girls Rock! Camp was dubbed Best Place to Hear a Band of Nine-Year-Old Girls That Sounds Like the Urinals. And, well, we LOVE Girls Rock! Camp — and not just because some of our staff and associates have spent the last week teaching Chicago’s coolest tweens […]

The Reader’s Best of Chicago issue hit the streets — and the internet — today, and we’re thrilled to be singled out by Reader readers as the city’s Best Underground Music Venue. OK, OK. We tied with the Empty Bottle. But you really can’t go wrong with either … If I do say so myself. […]

Hey ho lovely people! Ok, so June got through it’s teenaged days more or less in one piece. Now for it’s early 20s. Let’s sow some wild oats and take ourselves out for a joy ride. Tonight, Fred Lonberg Holm’s Fast Citizens pulls this week out of the garage and onto the driveway. Time Out […]

Sure, sure — we have a lot of groovy music. But what happens when the bands aren’t booked? A whole lot of awesome, that’s what, with talk shows and comedy and literary smackdowns galore. So we’re happy to see that lately the talkers in our mix are getting some love. Last week the blog Literary […]

Hello fine peoples! Alright, June is now a teenager. Let’s misbehave. Tonight! (That’s Wednesday.) The Engines take the Immediate Sound Series stage for not one, but two sets. Thursday is a comedy doozy. We’ve been doing sit-ups in order to get our belly laughs in shape. Charlyne Yi + Neal Brennan + DJ Douggpound + Lisa […]

Hey folks! We checked in on Lawrence’s Kickstarter project and discovered, to our joy, that he has already met his goal to raise $5,000 to fund the final stages of the debut rekkid from the Lawrence Peters Outfit. But! If you still want to get in on the action, you can — there are four […]

Chicago Reader photographer Andrea Bauer scoped out Chances Dances last week and produced this sweet slide show for the Nightlife feature. Can you feel the fun? And the sweat?