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I think we’ve been on this list for several years running, but the Hideout once again gets the nod from Esquire in its annual roundup of the Best Bars in America. Also making the local cut: the Matchbox, the Violet Hour, the California Clipper, Sheffield’s, Delilah’s, Longman & Eagle, and the Chipp Inn (aka “the Hideout’s […]

Greetings People! It’s another (rainy) week, eh? How about some live music. Tonight (Wednesday), the Immediate Sound Series brings us KLANG which Peter Margasak introduces nicely here. “James Falzone created relatively faithful arrangements of Goodman classics for his quartet Klang, but he transformed that swing-era music into something much more personal and contemporary.” Thursday’s for […]

You know she makes an artful Manhattan — but did you know what she could do with a canvas larger than a rocks glass? Hideout bartender Andrea Jablonski recently completed this gorgeous mural at the Harlem Green Line stop in Oak Park. The rugged subject: Nelson Algren, who once lived a stone’s throw from the […]

Can you spot your Hideout staff in this mob of appropriately shady looking police? This dubious crew convened April 30 as part of The Pocket Guide to Hell‘s full-scale on-site reenactment of the Haymarket Affair, in commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the infamous clash that led to the creation of the 8-hour work day. […]

Mark Bazer’s taking his Interview Show on the road this week — all the way to Union Hall in beautiful downtown Park Slope (that’s in Brooklyn, kids). On the bill: chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton, funny dude Eugene Mirman, and hip-hop “deconstructionalists” Das Racist. We are very excited for Mark, and, whoa, so is the […]

You may know Lawrence Peters from his work with such outfits as Kelly Kessler and the Wichita Shut-Ins Featuring Lawrence Peters, Magnolia Electric Company, Plastic Crimewave Sound, the Velcro Lewis Group, Eiren Caffall, Mar Caribe, the Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band, and, of course, the behind-the-bar area of the Hideout. Now, our most dapper […]