Hideout Turned 15. Now an “adult.”

The Hideout turned 15 on Saturday, so we did what any enterprising 15-year-old would do… threw ourselves a quinceañera party!

Thanks to the many, many volunteers and friends who helped us pull this off.

Here are a selection of party people who also visited xschmitzx’s photo booth… some pretty great pictures.

Hideout15-1720 Hideout15-1038 Hideout15-1043 Hideout15-1049 Hideout15-1075 Hideout15-1097 Hideout15-1115 Hideout15-1126 Hideout15-1127 Hideout15-1144 Hideout15-1159 Hideout15-1171 Hideout15-1196 Hideout15-1252 Hideout15-1287 Hideout15-1297 Hideout15-1303 Hideout15-1319 Hideout15-1350 Hideout15-1353 Hideout15-1332 Hideout15-1363 Hideout15-1391 Hideout15-1405 Hideout15-1467 Hideout15-1475 Hideout15-1482 Hideout15-1519 Hideout15-1549 Hideout15-1636