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The ‘Small but Potent’ Hideout Block Party Carries On

After nearly 15,000 people crammed into the Industrial corridor at the crux of Wabansia and Ada St. in 2014 it was unclear if the Hideout’s Block Party would carry on in the direction it was headed. The Hideout has never been about flash, or the bottom line, it’s always been about the people.

That’s what Tim Tuten’s always said, “The last one was in 2014, and we had 7,000 people each day, with Death Cab for Cutie and the War on Drugs. But we had a bad rainstorm the first night, and we almost had to call it off. It just came over me, I kept thinking we want the biggest festival we can to pack into our block. I was caught in a race to get bigger, and I realized it was a trap…The Hideout needs to be small and well-curated. We got back to the idea of what’s more fun, what’s better — standing with 100,000 people in a big field or going to a backyard barbecue?”

Today marks day 2 of the Hideout’s 21st Annual Hideout Block Party. It’s not as big as it once was but it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. Greg Kot, of Sound Opinions and The Chicago Tribune, sat down with Tim to talk this year’s Block Party, the future of the bar in the face of impeding gentrification and where it all fits into Chicago’s broader entertainment scene . Take a read here.

(Photos by Christine Connelly / for RedEye)

Tim Tuten on WGN Radio

WGN Radio host Dave Hoesktra sat down with Hideout President, Tim Tuten, to discuss the return of the Hideout’s 21st Annual Block Party, which hits Wabansia September 23rd & 24th. The two also talked about Tuten’s early years in Chicago, and at the Hideout, the bar’s aesthetic inspiration, as well as the 60th birthdays of some Hideout musical mainstays that sit at the center of this year’s Block party. Take a listen here.

Hideout Block Party Receives Mention Amongst Riot Fest & Jay-Z

Fall in Chicago means a few things: school’s back in session, beaches are closed, playoff baseball is looming in the distance and an onslaught of concerts, tours and album releases are about to descend upon this city. The Chicago Tribune has done their very best to highlight the very best of what is yet to come. There’s the big names of course: Riot Fest, Harry Styles, Jay-Z; but among the star-studded cast of musical genius that sits at our city’s doorstep, is the Hideout’s 21st Annual Block Party.

“The little-music-joint-that-could stages another end-of-summer bash that will include local stalwarts Eleventh Dream Day and a 20th anniversary celebration of Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio, plus appearances from Yo La Tengo alter-egos the Condo F—-, Screaming Females, Man or Astro Man? and more..”

World Music Festival Hits the Hideout

We always like to think we consistently sport an eclectic set of programming, but over the course of the next few weeks we’ll expand that ideal further as we play host to a pair of World Music Festival shows. Over the course of the next two weeks Chicago becomes home to over 40 bands from 20 different nations converging on various (free) venues all over the city to bring a taste of sound from all corners of the globe. Hit the link for an interview with the festival’s curator and more details. 

Lonely Planet Loves the Hideout

Lonely Planet, the go-to travel guide for vacations, tourism and entertainment far and wide, sat down to construct a list of the best music venues Chicago has to offer. There were the usual suspects: The Empty Bottle, The Green Mill, House of Blues. But among Chicago’s musical monoliths sat the Hideout. Recognized for our diverse programming and even more eclectic patronage, the Hideout, time and again, is acknowledged for its importance within Chicago’s musical community.

“You’d be hard pressed to find anywhere in Chicago that is more fun than The Hideout… At this laid back and friendly joint, you can chat up locals at the front bar before making your way to the Christmas-light adorned back room where the stage is set for all manner of acts from bands and comics to poetry and Shakespeare. You never quite know what you’re going to see, but you can be pretty damn sure you’re going to enjoy it.”

Is This Year’s Hideout Block Party the Last Hurrah

Chicago Magazine sat down with Tim Tuten to discuss the history of the bar, this year’s upcoming block party and the potential effects the city’s rezoning of the industrial corridor might have on the bar. The Hideout’s been here for the past hundred years and we’re grounded in our belief that it’ll be right where it stands for a hundred more; take a read to get an inside scoop on this year’s block party.



“We were here in the 19th century, in the 20th century, and we’re still here in the 21st century. We plan on being at this location another 100 years…We also have a strong sense of community. That’s never going to change regardless of how or where we have the party. The world around us can change, but the things that make this place—the inner sense of community—will always stay strong. You see it at the block party, and if you drop by on any given night, you can see it and feel it.”–Hideout President Tim Tuten

Music 45 ‘Who Keeps Chicago in Tune’: The Hideout

Every year New City Music (Music 45), an online publication reviewing, detailing and profiling all things music, puts out a list of Chicagoans dedicated to providing and sustaining outlets and platforms for the city’s ever-changing and evolving musical community.  We made this year’s list (#18) for our musical diversity and our other multi-faceted programming and patronage. “Still best known as a rock and folk club…it’s also branched into hip-hop and LGBTQ dance nights, and expanded its non-musical palette, which already included poetry and spoken-word events, to incorporate comedy showcases and political action meetings.”

Hideout Block Party Poster

The poster for this year’s Block Party has been released! We wanted to give a special shoutout to our dear friend Kathleen Judge who designed the poster–you can check out more of her work at her website. Hope to see y’all at the Block Party!

The Hideout Block Party’s Triumphant Return!

I guess you could say we it’s been a few years since we’ve hosted a block party akin to those summoned thousands to Chicago’s tucked away industrial corridor. After last year’s block party, our 20th anniversary celebration, took the anomalous 1-day approach we are back to a jam-packed, weekend long block party this coming September. Along with this year’s 21st anniversary ironically marking our arrival at the legal drinking age, it is also represents the 60th anniversary of the Sputnik launch (and the 60th birthday celebration for of a lot of our musical friends) and the 20th anniversary of Electrical Audio. So we figured we’d get back to our big party ways. Shout out to Timeout and Chicagoist for the previews.

This year’s block party is scheduled as follows:
Sat. 9/23/17 –
60th Birthday Party for Sputnik!
Eleventh Dream Day
Condo Fucks
Jon Langford & Skull Orchard
75 Dollar Bill 
Antietam the Band 
Plastic Crimewave Vision Celestial Guitarkestra
Illinois Humanities Crowd-Out-Chicago 2nd Ward Choir

Sun. 9/24/17 –
Electrical Audio 20th Anniversary Party.
Man or Astro-man?
Screaming Females
Nina Natasia
Shannon Wright
Mint Mile

Proceeds from the party will help support Foundations Of Music

Hideout listed as a healthy alternative Lollapalooza weekend

Every year in the build-up to the craziness that is Lollapalooza weekend, Timeout Magazine   puts together a list of alternate activities, musical and non, for anyone looking to avoid the hoards of drunken suburban ex-pats (that’s not meant to be mean, that’s just Lolla as we now know it). Along with various movie-theaters, live-streaming Lolla from your couch, entering the Hamilton ticket lottery, exploring beaches and beer festivals, Picnics on the Porch (Aug. 4th Kelly Hogan & Scott Ligon) made the list. Swing by the Porch Friday night for a great show, a great meal and some great company.