Fonema Consort, Akosuen, Noise Bias

Fonema Consort, Akosuen, Noise Bias

Parlour Tapes DJs

Wed, April 12, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


The Resonance Series
The Resonance Series
The Resonance Series is the exploration of different soundscapes and spaces at the Hideout, focusing on ambient, drone, and creative music.
Fonema Consort
Fonema Consort
Nathalie Colas - soprano
Nina Dante - soprano
Elisa Sutherland - mezzo-soprano*
Dalia Chin - flute
Michael Hoover - flute*
Emily Beisel - clarinet
Marley Haller - violin
Michael Hall - viola*
Diana Flores - cello*
Kathryn Schulmeister - bass
Samuel Rowe - acoustic guitar
Shawn Lucas - electric guitar
Ryan Packard - percussion
Joann Cho - piano
Pablo Santiago Chin - conductor
Colin Gee - dancer*
Francisco Castillo Trigueros - electronics*
* guest performer

consort : a group of instrumentalists and singers performing together
fonema : (Spanish, phoneme) the smallest unit of speech, which distinguishes words according to their sonic quality

These concepts define the essence of Fonema Consort, as we endeavor to bring to light and expand the repertoire of 20th and 21st century works for voice(s) and instruments; and live out our fascination with the exploration of vocal possibilities in music, including the traditional presentation of a text, the breaking down of words into phonemes, or the total absence of words and the ramifications thereof. The complex nature of this repertoire encompasses a vast intersection of disciplines including music, drama, and literature; and requires the ensemble to explore a wide range of performance practices and to develop extensive technical skill in relation to interpretive means, be it instrument or voice.

Fonema Consort was founded in October 2011 by singer Nina Dante, and composers Pablo Chin and Edward Hamel. Since its founding, the ensemble has put down roots to become a national and international performing entity. Fonema Consort has initiated a relationship with the City of Chicago, appearing on the Loops and Variations concert series in Millennium Park, and an upcoming presentation at the Chicago Cultural Center's Music Summit. The 2013-2014 season will also include regular performances at the Berger Park Cultural Center. Fonema Consort believes in the power of concert series to build a stronger new music community, a belief that has taken them to New York City with Permutations and MIKROS, to Costa Rica with De música y músicos, and at home in Chicago with the Latino Music Festival and Frequency.

Fonema Consort is dedicated to the commissioning of new works for voice(s) with instruments, and collaborating closely with composers on the realization of these scores. Since its debut concert in February 2012, Fonema Consort has commissioned more than a dozen works by national and international, emerging and established composers. The ensemble's dedication to the guidance of young new music performers and composers has led to past and upcoming ensemble residencies at Chicago's Saint Xavier University and North Central College; as well as a lecture-performance at Boston's New England Conservatory.

Believing that new music offers a journey of discovery for the performer and listener alike, Fonema Consort strives to bring musician, music, and listener into closest proximity. Above all, we hope that our audience will join us on this journey at the edge of musical and linguistic discovery.
Akosuen /aa-KŌZ-eh-win/ is a solo project involving sounds that focus on breathing cycles, chronic pain, and mediation on both quiet and extremely loud sounds. The Akosuen ensemble has appeared as solo synth and voice, operatic voice and violin duet, a trio playing ritual prepared piano and percussion, and a six-piece doom metal band.

Akosuen recently score the short film, Olion, which was accepted into the 2017 Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival.
Noise Bias
Noise Bias
Noise Bias is a new music ensemble consisting exclusively of female-identified musicians and artists who collaborate to perform works by female-identified composers.

Existing as a collective of over 30 musicians, composers, poets, and artists, the women of Noise Bias share a common goal of creating and sustaining an environment where women are in positions of creative power and musical decision-making.

Our goal is to curate new music performances that directly confront and challenge the gender disparity within the Chicago new music scene.
Parlour Tapes DJs
Those of us who live here know that Chicago is abuzz with sounds -- and not just the wailing of police sirens and the thrumming of train tracks and the hiss of surf on sand -- but the sounds of horsehair across cello strings and of felt hammers patting piano wire. The city vibrates with the voices of its makers of music -- composers, performers, improvisers, programmers, instrument-builders -- and Parlour Tapes+ aims to capture these rustlings, large and small, on eighth-inch oxide-coated magnetic tape.

Yes, tape. Cassette tape.* We are, per our name, a new music cassette tape label. We are also, per our growing interests, a media and performance collective that mounts unlikely concert-happenings and publishes an online magazine. We are also-also a group of performing, composing, improvising rug-cutters who create and realize new work ourselves.

We aim to fuel creative thought in our field with stimulating, encouraging, and at times completely over-the-top projects to nurture the earnest and unbridled fulfillment of artistic desire. We are as likely to mount heartbreaking and intimate concert-concerts (looking at you, Spektral Quartet) as we are to fabricate a Clue-esque musical murder mystery (what would the world do without David Skidmore?) or stage a fake job fair and completely benign brainwashing initiative nested in the perfectly unassuming shell of the contemporary concert.

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Venue Information:
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642